Manage your Workflow

View all your Workflows

You can view all your workflows on the Workflows page. Here are some important concepts and definitions to ramp you up on monitoring and managing your workflows.

  • Workflows <> Workbook is 1:1. Every workflow id is associated with only 1 origin workbook.

    • Workflow <> Batch Run is 1:n. Each workflow can have several batch runs. For example, running 2 different datasets on a workbook will result in 1 workflow with 2 batch runs associated with it. See the next section on how to view batch runs.

  • Child Runs. The number of rows of input data associated with the workflow. For the free tier, each workflow can have only 5 rows of input data. For the growth tier, each workflow can have 50 rows of input data. If you need to upload more input data, please contact us at

  • Status. Showcases up to 5 of the child runs and their status: succes or failure.

Detailed View of Workflow

Click on the Workflow ID which will take you to a detailed view on the workflow. Here you can access:

  • Runs by batch

  • All Runs

  • Download the results of the batch run (.csv format)

  • Click on the row to view the workflow run as a workbook.

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