Intro to Workflows

What is a workflow in LastMile AI?

First, workbooks. A workbook is a notebook-inspired interface helps your prototype an AI-powered app. In a workbook, you can easily prompt and chain together text, image, and audio AI models in a single environment.

AI Workflows allow you to run batch data on a workbook and output resultant data to a .csv.

How it works?

  • Start with a Workbook.

    • Create an AI workbook

    • Use GPT4 to help generate an email template based on parameters: recipient name, job, age. Based on these parameters, GPT4 outputs a different result.

  • Run Workbook on Batch of Data (AI Workflows).

    • Input a .csv with batch of data that matches parameters defined in workbook (recipient name, job, age).

    • Kick off 'Run Batch' to run the workbook against each row in the .csv

    • Results will be outputted to a .csv

Free tier users can run 5 rows of data per workflow and Growth tier users can run 50 rows of data per workflow.

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